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California Personal Injur…

Liedle & Larson, LLP has extensive experience in the defense of third-party casualty claims on behalf of insureds and self-insureds in all types of personal injury claims. Our experience includes cases involving common carriers, limousines, trucks, buses, automobiles, and construction site accidents, including claims of permanent paralysis and wrongful death. LL also regularly defends property owners in a wide variety of claims, including slip, trip and falls, Americans with Disabilities Act design defects, and fires and hazardous conditions related to toxic materials exposure.

In addition to aggressive litigation of third-party claims, our personal injury claim defense attorneys are actively involved in efforts to mediate claims through alternative dispute resolution. In multi-party litigation, where liability is apparent, LL explores direct resolution of claims with the injured party, and separately mediates or arbitrates the issue of fault amongst the defendants.

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