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California Construction L…

Liedle & Larson, LLP brings excellence to the field of construction law.

Modern construction involves diverse legal practices and is complex from design conception to completion.

LL's construction attorneys provide strategic counsel to owners, developers, direct contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers and other construction project participants throughout California in all construction related transactional and litigation matters.

Contract Formation

LL negotiates, prepares and analyzes contract documents to allocate the risk, responsibility and rewards for proper performance essential to a successful project and to allocate responsibility for claims, damages or delays.

LL utilizes its depth of experience with numerous forms of contracts, both custom and standard, including the contracts of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), to develop the most appropriate contractual arrangement for any construction project participant.

Contract Performance

LL assists project participants during construction contract performance to mitigate against delays, claims and other potential damages.

LL provides counsel to project participants to best achieve early resolution of disputes without the expense, delay and disruption of protracted litigation, including participation in mediation and arbitration when applicable.

Construction Claims

LL represents project participants in all types of construction related claims including actions involving defects, delays, change orders, differing site conditions, disruptions, loss of use, property damage, payment disputes, mechanic’s liens, stop notices and bond claims.

LL handles complex matters involving subsurface, water intrusion, mold, asbestos, soil contamination, indemnity and additional insured issues.

LL defends and prosecutes construction litigation in state and federal courts throughout Southern and Northern California.

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