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California State and Fede…

At Liedle & Larson, LLP’s core is its civil litigation and trial practice which spans across all practice areas. Our California litigators are proactive in seeking to resolve issues by exploring novel approaches to litigation management.

LL works with companies and individuals in major disputes. Our attorneys are relentlessly creative and aggressive and always search for strategic and tactical advantages. We provide our clients with a litigation defense force to vindicate, as well as protect, their rights.

LL is often asked to assist in cases at the immediate pre-trial stage, agreeing to step in and represent clients in the heat of the litigation moment.

We understand that litigation is expensive. We review each case for practical and reasonable pre-trial resolutions. Our attorneys also identify efficient procedures without compromising the quality of our advocacy, and use innovative technology and organizational principles. LL’s direct partner involvement and client dedication provides the same high-quality service available from other major law firms, but at a reduced cost to our clients.

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Attorneys:  W. Michael Young